Funny Chicken Names

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  1. Red&Yellow

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    Sep 30, 2009
    Frederick County, MD
    These are funny!

    My crested Mallard was named--wait for it--- Sir Edward Duckle. And his mate, the Lady Duckle. Or Edward and Lady for short.
    My GLW roo is Red, VERY unoriginal. And my dad's white Rock was going to go through life known as 'Whitey' but my brother saved him and he is called Naploeon. Then the two 14-wk old cockerels, Domino and Straight Arrow(aka, Dinner) Then there is Bruce and Marble (both boys) and Accrue(aka Josiah (don't ask)) and Russell(pullet). Oh goodness, now I need to make a list.

    Matri- short for matriarch, a buff Rock
    Fulton- barred Rock
    Spotty- buff Rock that has wayy too many white feathers with her buff
    Cici and Mimi- both are barred Rocks, they are almost identical
    Chrissy and Missy- both are buff Rocks, also identical
    JJ- stands for Jeff, Jr. as her comb looks like the original Jeff
    Dom White- the dominant hen in the flock, she is a white Rock
    Honky- white Rock
    Beauty- an absolutely gorgeous partridge Rock that was named after the production of Beauty and the Beast
    Gazette- a barred Rock (we once had a BR roo named Newspaper, so she is in the same vein)
    Yellow- a very yellowed GLW (one of my more original ones [​IMG] )
    Tawnbomb- EE
    Bluebell- EE
    Grayscale- EE
    Frightfull- EE
    Fudge- EE
    Houdini- EE, at 4 wks old slipped through the fence...somehow
    Short Round- GLW, named after the kid in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
    Two-Tone- GLW, named because GLWs have two colours!!
    Kevin- an EE that hatched from a brown egg (pullet)
    Seven- EE (pullet)
    Nigel- EE (pullet)
    Autumn- GLW/partridge Rock
    Noir- GLW

    Whew!! That's about all.
  2. Cetawin

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    Mar 20, 2008
    NW Kentucky
    I have a Dellie girl that is named "Fattie"...she was such a chunky huge chick I started calling her that and it just stuck...she is a fattie by the way.
  3. phykes203

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    May 19, 2010
    San Jose, CA
    I love the names....3 of my girls coming later this month are still unnamed.

    So far I have a RIR named KungPao
    and a black Australorp named Teryaki.

    One of my Buffs will be Cashew.

    I thought my older son's teacher was going to lose it when he brought "the girls" in for show and she asked him what their names were. His answer was definitely not what she expected. [​IMG]
  4. VelvetDragon

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    May 25, 2010
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    I used to have a RIR named Chicken Boo after the character from Animaniacs. *lol*

    Here's one video in case you don't know about the character: XD

    I have some other silly pet names, so I'm sure my future chickens will have creative names as well. Hehe.

    Captain Henry Morgan, my dog. After the pirate, not the rum.

    Silver Fairy Princess Mary Jane, our foster cat, better known as ... Eew. We didn't name her. She came that way. [​IMG]

    Chainsaw and Massacre, our two teenage kitten cats. Chainsaw is named after the cat in this wonderful animated short called "Cat Dance":

    fish... Big Fishy McMouth, Viscount Carpet and The Baroness of Fizgig.

  5. MeettheFlockers

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    Apr 13, 2010
    I have a few silkies in my lil' gang that I named after characters in my favorite movies, Spaceballs & Men in Tights "Yogurt" "Dot Matrix" "Dark Helmut" "Colonel Sandurz" "Prince Valium" and "Ahchoo" "Latrine" "Blinkin" "Rabbi Tuckman"

    I also have a Silkie Rooster that dances and flits around like he is in a never-ending musical, he is named 'Liberace."

    And than some have names associated with their coloring.... I have some very light splash/Lavs named "Sprinkles" "Q-Tip" "Cupcake"
    Some Buffs named "Sunny" "Custard" "tater Tot"
  6. FRlEDeggs

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    Jun 6, 2010
    I have some girls named holiday (aka holly) pepper and ruby
  7. FowlLanguage

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    Jan 14, 2010
    Anchorage, AK
    My brother named one McNugget [​IMG]
  8. GotChicken?

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    Jan 14, 2010
    The Thumb, MI
    Turk = Silkie x Sultan roo that makes a great turkey call. If any wild toms are in are woods when Turk is crowing, they'll answer back. Sometimes they'll come into the yard to see what's making all the racket.

    Mousse and Squirrel = Splash Silkie pair, though pullet was originally Moose until I realized he was a she. Aka the Nuggets.

    Slug = EE roo that I showed a co-worker a picture of when he was two days old. Told her how fat and contented he looked in the photo, and she said "Name him Slug". It fits him.

    Squeaker = OEGB roo who as a chick was only quiet when he was asleep.

    Zuuhl = Polish bantam hen named after the demon that posesses Sigourney Weaver's character in "Ghostbusters".

    Dookie = D'Uccle roo. Total goofball.

    Rhodey = RIR pullet + Iron Man 2 = If she's feisty, I'll nickname her War Machine.

    Smokey = blue Silkie hen. Acts so odd I frequently ask her what she's been smoking.

    Oops. Forgot two.

    Spectre = Speckled Sussex roo that seems to appear or disappear out of thin air.

    Rush = FCBM pullet who hatched six hours after she pipped. She was in a hurry, I guess.
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    Apr 1, 2011
    Oprah Henfree
  10. Equest94

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    May 29, 2007
    New York
    My chickens and past chickens have/had weird names, but I wouldn't say any are really that funny. My barn owner on the other hand had a few chickens with HILARIOUS names:

    She had a BR named "Birdzilla" - it would literally break out of any enclosure you put her in and would charge like mad around the farm
    She has a Polish (b&w crested) named "Lady Gaga"

    and my absolute favorite name from her flock, another BR, "Mother Clucker" (she was a very very vocal hen) [​IMG]

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