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so this spring i bought two straight run ducks both ended up being drakes a runner duck and a buff orpington. and then i made the mistake.... my friends up the way bought two runner ducks and one died so i brought it home and turned her loose (i didn't think to quarantine
) she later went missing and i believe died of unknown causes. now my two drakes have the same splotchy spots on their breasts and the missing duck did it is very small spots but allot of them almost like dappling on a horses coat, and they shake their heads allot. is that just normal molting or should i be very worried? i am beginning to think maybe a trip to the vet is in order?
Bot flies? Could of ingested bot fly eggs from the horse. I believe they develop in the gut.

Some ducks have poor color genes and as they age more white feathers show up. If that's what you meant by splotchy spots.

Do they shake their heads a lot after nibbling on the horse or just in general?
My horse (Rebel) only came home a week ago and the problem began about 2 weeks ago or so but that is an excellent thing to know for the future i took them to the vet he could not find anything wrong with them so he told me to do a precautionary de-worming with ivermectin and a precautionary dusting for any parasites that he may not have seen under the microscope. so we shall see i guess
Any update on your drakes?

Is it possible that being around the new female for a little while could have changed their behavior? My two drakes always puff up and walk around very slowly, then shake their heads quick and do a bit of a whistle. I believe it is normal behavior. Mine are with six females all the time, and I believe they do this to appear attractive or tough (?). Does this sound similar to what yours are doing?

As far as the splotches go, I have no clue what would cause that
I hope they're alright!
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i took them to the vet he couldnt figure it out either no mites or lice under the skope they are a healthy weight so i am doing a precautionary worming and dusting just to be safe

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