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    I have a genesis 1588 not quite a year old. Its making a noise like it's reving up an engine. It does settle in to the whining of it's normal sound, but I'm worried about it quitting before this hatch is done. Has anyone had this happen? It's happened the last couple of time when I've added water through the vent hole to increase the humidity. It started this from the beginning of the hatch but when it settled in I figured it would be ok. Is there another way to add water other than the vent hole? Am I going to have to buy a new part? Can I even buy a new part? It's only the fourth hatch.
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    You can buy replacement parts. I have had 2 1588s but not had the problem you're talking about. So I don't know how to help with that, but you can get pieces parts. I have bought stuff from as well as the manufacturer in SC.

    ETA - i always just raise the lid.....*gasp* I know, but it's how I roll!
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