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Apr 23, 2021
So here's a funny- not so funny story that happened last night into this morning.

Yesterday afternoon, I closed one of my southern rambler cockerels into my garden because he was attacking and getting attacked by roosters and he was torturing the hens (over-mating). We have too much cockerels at the moment - some are getting culled tomorrow.
I wanted to make a little peace so I shut him in the garden for the rest of the day (pretty large space), hoping to get him back into the coop for bed time.
Well I completely forgot about him and my family was not home for the rest of the evening. We came back after evening and he was no where to be found. He wasn't in the coop with the other chickens. He wasn't in the garden. He must've jumped over the (4ft) garden fence and went somewhere.

So there I was at 10 PM searching my property for an almost-completely black rooster that blends into the dark.

We didn't find him.

All night, he was letting us know where he was. Nobody slept that night - he was crowing ALL night. I was worried that might attract a predator. I didn't want to go out in the rain, so I was just gonna wait until the morning. I woke up at sunrise and followed the sound of his crow. He was on the neighbors property (FAR away from the coop. I don't even know how he got there 😅 Our property is completely fenced in..) and he was pretty mad that we forgot about him. He was not cooperating when we tried to lead him back to the coop. Took us more than hour to lead him back.

So I got to work late this morning because of that cockerel. He probably didn't let the surrounding neighbors sleep well. Fingers crossed they don't come knocking on my door yelling at me 🤫 :lol:

Looks like he'll be first in the pot tomorrow :).

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