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    I have read all the funny tasting egg threads, but still can't figure this out.

    I have two new girls who have now been laying for a month or so. One other gal is at least two years old. Yes, I should keep better records. The eggs were fine and tasty until just recently. I mostly have been eating them hard boiled, but after one bite I have to quit. I have had chicks for years and this has never happened before. The eggs are clean uncracked, appear fine.

    Which of the below would you think would cause eggs to taste off?

    A lot of spring weeds. The two new girls adore these and are disinterested in other fruit,etc. the older gal eats some but isn't wild about them. Hers was one of the bad tasting eggs this morning.

    The feed store has their version of calf manna, red pellets made of what looks like good ingredients. They only get a very little bit of this and not every day.

    Their regular food is nutrena.

    Mice. A much fought over delicacy, it seems.

    One of the young ones has a lot of watery poops and one poo had a lot of intact grass strands in it. They comprised the entire diameter of part of the poop. How could this even be possible after the gizzard? I only saw that one time.

    I love my home grown eggs and worry I won't have them again.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Well we will have to let you decide-------What did the egg taste like? Go get a piece of that weed and stick it in your mouth for a few seconds-----taste like that?? For sure it was not the rat. I have never fed my chickens calf manna---is it a sweet feed?? How fresh was the egg??

    Probably did not happed with you, but one time years ago I was collecting eggs and seen one in the dirt in the back of the coop----after breaking it----to cook----I am very careful about a "found egg" from then on. Some times I will find a egg under the nesting hay----the hogs get it----if its in a un-normal place---the hogs get it.
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