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    For several days my DBF goes to the barn at noon time and collects the eggs for me. He's not into it as it's my project but, he loves me so he'll endure it. I'm incubating some eggs and it's great fun and yes, i'm addicted now too. He calls me at lunch everyday and let's me know what's he's collected! He has been SO SO excited that the turkeys are laying and we can give all of our family members their own Thanksgiving turkey at the rate they are laying! Great i thought, till i examined closer the eggs i was putting in the incubator. I "delicatly" mention to my darling that they didn't look like turkey eggs. Last fall i remember them having brown spots on them and being shaped differently. He insisted he knew what a turkey egg looked like i knows one when he sees one. So, i relunctently agreed and dated them and stuck them in the bator. Well, this a.m. i went out and did the chores and noticed one of the Rouen ducks sitting on this big nest in the corner, happy as a clam, throwing bits of hay over her shoulder. I do the chores and notice her get off the nest and walk off. Well what do you think she laid? A smokin' hot off the press turkey egg of course! She too MUST know my darling bf has promised all of our 13 family members there own turkeys for Thanksgiving. Well, so i tuck that in my shirt pocket and head for the house, huge smile on my face and all and proudly tell my darling bf the whole story and let him hold the smokin' hot turkey egg. He laughed as i said, "yup, i KNOW a turkey egg when i see one." Then, he brought it to my attention that we had all these duck eggs in the bater, what would we do with them, don't they imprint he said? Oh dear, so he gets the last laugh, our families have no turkeys yet for Thanksgiving dinner, i have more ducks to take care of (we are trying to get rid of these few we have) and more baby birds in the house to take care of! It's still to cold here to put the silkies that accidently hatched as an experiment (this is my first time raising birds) in January outside. Someone who can help, please do! I'm sure these eggs must be fertile as the male charged me last night with his mouth open when i picked up one of his girls to put her in last night. They didn't want to go in for some reason last night. I knew something was up as they have NEVER disagreed with anything. Will these ducklings hatch, live contently with the chicks that are hatching at the same time? Should i leave any more eggs the 2 duck girls lay in the nest, let them get a clutch and hatch their own? Will the 2 broody silkie girls go sit on them if i leave them? SOS! How long will they lay, how many ducks will we end up with, etc.?
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    I haven't raised ducks but I hear they are very messy so might not be so good with chicks and chickens as adults.

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