Furnished Battery Cages & Mental Health Issues

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Mar 4, 2009
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First thing first: NO fighting!

I attended a meeting today at the local AC/poultry research institute where they were studying (i assume seince the opened 4 years ago) dealing with the future of battery hen cages in canada & Animal welfare.This meeting was worth the 3 hour (one way) drive, There were talks about CCS (Conventional Cage Systems ), Furnasbly (sp?), Furnished and group systems.

It was neat and Cool

so heres a brief about it:

~ Mental Health
~ CCS's
~ Welfare
~ "Just" meeting the the Min requirements for the EU
~ Systems developed to make the EU requirements
~ US requirements
~MB requirements

I missed the best part
(the welfare stuff)

There are three main systems now

1. CCS
2. Furnished Battery Cages Systems
3. Group systems

Right now it seems as within the next 20 (max years) Furnished Battery Cages well be more common. They are are cages that have more space/bird along with nesting boxs, scratching things etc.

This is the most i remember off the top of my head

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