FYI..... At ten weeks


10 Years
Apr 7, 2009
Near Myrtle Beach
I got six Black Sex Link pullet chicks at my local feed and seed on April 2 (Chick Day). They got them from Ideal. The chicks are about ten weeks old.

As of now they have finished a fifty pound bag of Purina Sunfresh Starter/Grower. They have been outside since 4 weeks and seem to be healthy and hardy.

I hang small bunch of kale in their pen every day. They are in a tractor. I know they have had about 30 grubs, two slugs, 1 tree frog, 1 lizard,1 large beetle, two cups of cooked grits, one apple core, two small squash, three handfulls of bird seed, and any thing they can capture or dig within the confines of the pen.

They drink about a gallon of water every 4 days.

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