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  1. Aschenfire

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    Feb 8, 2012
    I am truly about to leave this forum because of the ultra HUGE fear of things like tiny kestrels, pet cats, foxes, hawks, anything which is not a bunny or something that eats grass.

    Come on, really? The predator hate is sickening. The solution to things eating your chickens is either to accept that you will lose some, or keep them under cover. This means under roof or under a covered run. Those who lose birds to domestic dogs is more common than anything else I've seen posted. THIS means your neighbors or our own cute doggies are the problem.

    There are a huge number of hateful posts concerning wild animals which must hunt to survive. When we move our homes into their territory, and encroach more and more every day on the wild areas, of course, wild animals and humans are going to overlap environments. Does it give us a right to "shoot, shovel and shut up" every time we see a fox, a hawk, a coyote? No.

    "I'm afraid for my kids" when one is posting about something like a kestrel or fox is laughable. Are we all that afraid of anything which is not within our scope of understanding? I think if people are going to undertake the keeping of livestock (including chickens) you should first build secure housing for them... BEFORE you get them... and in the meantime, research them and research what might try to eat them.

    I am done with this forum. The paranoia is too much to handle.
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    Seems you may not have read the stickied rules at the top of this forum. Here they are:

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