Galaxy of Reptiles

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    In a distant time, there was a place where reptilian creatures lived, among each other, in each other's solar systems, and stars. But now, it's under siege from all sides. The Dracs [Dragons] are the ones to control the skies, Silths [Snakes] take land and sea, and the Tilps [other reptiles] are forced to create their own colonies to defend themselves from the raging war that is destroying their home.


    1.) No God-modding

    2.) Please keep it PG, PG-13 at the most

    3.)Keep cussing down to a minimal, please

    4.) You cannot kill anyone without permission from the owner of the character

    My character(s):

    Name: Terum

    Age: 678

    Species: Dragon; Two-headed Purple Smoke

    Other: Although they are attached brothers, they hate listening to each other complain or being submitted to the other.


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