Galvanized Washers?


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May 5, 2010
Milan, MI
Hey All!

I am building a new 24' x 24' run for my coup and need to find a good source for galvanized washers. I am going to use deck screw with washers to secure the welded wire fence. At Home Depot they are 10 cents each and I need about 350 of them! Anyone know of a better place to get them?
We have a few industrial fastener companies in our area, Fastenal, Ascension Bolt and Screw. They sell by the weight.

I do know some of these places have minimum purchase requirements.
Take a look at menards . They sell them in bags. When I built my deck I started buying at home depot and they sold the lag screws and washers at a price per
piece. Went to menards and was surprised how much cheaper it is by the bag.

I put my hardware cloth on with washers and round head decks screws. They where green screws 3/4" long. It worked very well. I needed to clamp aboard across
to hold the hardware cloth flat. I also made a stretcher with spaced srews in a board put into the grid in the hardware cloth and then pulled the board with hand
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Great idea on the stretcher board! I have a streatcher for 4 foot chain link fence and was going to try and use that. I like your idea better!

pennies and nickels for washers......wonder what Uncle Sam would say about that?? Good idea though if I can't find them for a better price.

Thanks for the replies!
I found some at Lowes, though they were not really as big as I wanted, though they work. Now, if I were to do it again, I'd have gotten smaller ones that my deck screws wouldn't go though and then larger ones to layer behind them... I thought of that as I was screwing them all in yesterday, oh well! Maybe it will help you though. Also, we stapled our hard wire up first, then I put the washers in after. It worked well.

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