Game Hatch and a Standard Hen?

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    Aug 17, 2011
    I tried to pick the right place to post this, hope this is ok. I have a Hatch Game Roo and several other breeds of hens. The Hatch was a gift from our daughter as her BF raises game Roos and hens. If they mate (so to speak) and we decided to hatch any, would they be good layers? or for meat? My hens are BO, SLW, GLW, RIR, EE, White Leghorns. I have searched everywhere to find the answer and couldn't find anything. We are not raising them to sell or show, just eggs and a WHOLE lot of fun. Thank you everyone in advance for any info you have.


    He's only 7 months old and is an awesome protector, we gives the signal when it is time to hide, or go into the coop. Have not seen him "try" anything with my girls (yet) and his crow is, well, a work in progress [​IMG]
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    That cross will make some fine chickens for your purpose. [​IMG]
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    I cross a FBCM with my Game hens. Games lay like crazy. One reason for the cross though was for broodies. Games make great moms. Plus extra roos are intended for meat, but I haven't processed any due to the fact that I sell a lot of them.

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