Game Roos?

dominique man

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5 Years
Jul 11, 2014
Findlay Ohio
So I'm moving to the country on a 6 acre lot and I'm going to raise some more chickens. I'm going to order either 10 cubalaya bantams or 10 old English bantams along with about 20 meat birds and 15 layers from cackle. As most of us know cackle does not sex their bantams so there is a chance that I will get more than one game roo. Can game roosters free range together and not mutalate each other or am I going to have to keep them in pens alone?


9 Years
Jun 9, 2011
With bantams you have nothing to worry about. If you ask most game breeders (including me) they shouldn't even have game in their name as they've had all of the gameness bred out. They will spar and peck but they will work it out and won't be a true game. I have a few of them and they peck each other, but that's it.

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