gamebird feed and layer pellets

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  1. lindy

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    Sep 6, 2009
    so have a question.

    I have only silkies. all ages from babies to 2 years old. I have been feeding mainly gamebird with 1/4 layer pellets and oyster shells.

    since the price of feed is crazy expensive is there something else i can feed?. can i just feed gamebird(21% protein) with added grains? The layer is 2 dollars cheaper then the GB but i only have two hens right now laying.

    I was thinking i could feed 1/2-3/4 gb and 1/2-1/4 grains like oats,barley,corn, flax seed, sunflower seeds etc...

    they go thru 2 pounds of feed a day, sometimes they have left overs other time they dont. I also give them some grass to peck on. I dont have any leftovers to feed them as I only buy enough for me and my torts.

    any suggestions? they are at a good weight, happy little chickens,

    I feed my mare sunflower seeds, flax ,rice bran and alfalfa pellets, so adding any of that isnt a problem.
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    The mill that I was buying feed from no longer has the feed that need, so I have been mixing the same mixture as what you have listed. I think it's fine. And I just found some alfalfa pellets, so I will be adding that as well.

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