Gamebird feed?


14 Years
Aug 8, 2008
Queens, NY
I picked up some game bird feed for my Bobwhites a week ago and the feed bag said that it's a grower/starter feed and wanted to know if its ok. The bobwhites are all matured adults, maybe next time I should order a Turkey Grower feed.

Anyone use this kind of feed before?

duhh alex, its on the tag :p

it looks to be ok for the time being, but protein is a LITTLE low, i always aim for 24% or higher, i'm sure they would be fine on it, but i wouldn't use it as a standard. Look for something higher in protein

edit: i think i remember seeing that blue seal makes a 30% gamebird starter, not sure tho., never used it.
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Its the second picture, if you click on it the picture will enlarge.

It's been a crazy day, I didn't realize I could enlarge it. lol..
I buy 30% Gamebird grower. I use it for my Cots and also for the layers. I'm giving scratch right now too, so the grower helps add some protien that they could be lacking. Also I hadn't had an egg in a couple of months and once I started them on this a couple have started up. No added lights. Not the quail though, I have to add lights to them soon, cause they eat like pigs without putting out a single egg.

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