Jun 13, 2022
Eastern Kentucky
Hey everyone! I'm so happy to be added to this forum!
I have a small but evergrowing flock of about 20 birds. I was raised on a ranch and have been helping care for chickens my whole life. I joined just to see everyone else's chickens and talk about mine!
My birds are all separated into little groups, because I breed chickens.
I have 4 roosters (a Spangled Madigin Claret (Gramps), a very young Lacey Roundhead (Willie), a Salmon Faverolle (Baby), and a Buff Orpington (Boots)), and 11 hens (an Ameraucana (Nougat), a Cinnamon Queen (Caramel), two Buff Brahmas (Daffy and Dilly), a very young lacey roundhead (Sugar), 5 mixed breed game hens who are still unnamed, and an Allen Roundhead (still unnamed)).
Can't wait to get to know every one!

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