Gapeworm? Urgent!

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  1. My Dominique hen, Roxy, is not acting right. She isn't laying, is lethargic, is yawning a lot, is eating very little, and is just acting dull. Is it gapeworm? If not, what is it? What do I do about it?? I've already lost my other Dominique several months ago, and I really don't want to loose this one! Please help!! [​IMG]

  2. anyone? I really want her to be ok
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    I doubt she has gapeworm, they are actually rare in chickens. That's not to say that she doesnt have other types of worms though. Are there any respiratory symptoms, such as; gurgling or wheezing, bubbly eye(s,) facial swelling, runny nostrils, sneezing, shaking her head? If so, you're dealing with a respiratory disease.
    Inspect her closely for lice/mites, especially around the vent area. I recommend that you worm her with valbazen liquid cattle/sheep wormer or safeguard liquid goat wormer. Dosage for either wormer is 1/2cc orally undiluted and redose her again in 10 days.
  4. She HAD lice really bad, but those are gone. She isn't showing any of those those symptoms. Thanks for the info
  5. is that safe? It won't hurt her?

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    Nope, won't hurt her. Very effective wormers that many of us use.
  7. ok, I'll look for some at TSC in a bit. Thanks!

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