GapeWorm vs. CRD


12 Years
Dec 27, 2007
Does anyone know for sure how to tell the difference between gapeworm and CRD? DLHUNICORN has told me that the two can be easily confused. I think one, if not two of my chickens have one of those things, but not sure which one. Will a fecal tell me?
Yes a fecal will show if they are infected..As the bird coughs the eggs are swallowed..But gapeworms are actually rare in chickens,,Do you notice bubbles in the eyes, runny nose. This would be a symptom of crd. Birds with gapes make a grunting sound, with constant coughing and head shaking
if you look in the throat sometimes you can see the gapeworms..they are red.

along with the symptoms posted by cudo..they sometimes stretch their necks and gape.
I have a chicken who gapes a lot too. She doesn't make any sound, though, or cough at all. Just opens her beak and stretches her neck really frequently--maybe once every 15 seconds!

Her nose isn't running and her eyes aren't bubbly. She eats and drinks water normally, and her energy is decent. She is on grower feed, plus treats like cooked oatmeal and fruits and veggies. I am also giving her liquid children's multi-vitamin once a day.

Her comb is very small and pale, and she is growing at a much slower rate than her sister. She also has a leg injury--which I originally thought was rickets--but not I am thinking the gaping, stunted growth and pale comb may be unrelated to the hurt leg.

Is there a third option besides CRD and gapeworm that could explain the gaping?

She's about 17 weeks old. Rhode Island Red pullet. I don't have any vets nearby who treat chickens.
CRD, and gapeworm don't resemble each other at all. I am not sure why you would have been told that. You can see symptoms, and how to treat them both on my site HERE . Good luck!
Okay, good to know. I don't suspect CRD, honestly. My question was if there is a third explanation for why my chicken would be gaping frequently. I looked down her throat and didn't see any worms inside--it looks pretty healthy in there.
Well, gape worms aren't very common, and usually if one has them, they all will. If you are not sure, and want to be safe, just worm them. From what you are saying, I would separate it to be safe, put it on vitamins, and worm it, and give it a good check for mites, and treat for them if necessary. If you don't see improvement from that, let me know and we will see what we can come up with. Also, if you notice any other symptoms, let me know so I can properly diagnose your problem. Good luck!
I'm beginning to wonder if it's possible that gaping is just something chickens do from time to time? My RIR does it, and I have 8wk. old chicks that I've seen do it occasionally since they were probably 5 or 6 wks. old. My RIR had a fecal done and no parasites were found. The vet gave me Tylan and I put it in her water, but she still does that gaping thing.
Tylan is a respiratory antibiotic, and won't help that. Chickens do yawn, just like we do, and some more than others. Only when they seem to do it constantly, and show other symptoms is when you need to worry. You probably have nothing to worry about from what you are saying.
I have recently posted about gapeworm because I feared 3 new silkies I bought had it. They all do the gaping thing, stretch their necks and head shaking a lot, but no sign of anything down the throat yet. No other signs of disease and/or distress, so I too have come to the conclusion it is simply something they just do. I keep checking every other day down their throat for signs of gape just to make sure I dont miss it. But otherwise I am lost as to why they do it.

Please keep us posted if you find something else that leads to that behavior--since it is a bit disturbing

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