gaping chick??


11 Years
Mar 21, 2008
this moring one of my RIR is acting a bit strange. she with streach her head out and then open her mouth wide and the shut it and do it over a agian a few seconds later. the other 8 are not doing this. what could be wrong? they are 3 weeks old
is there something i can do? i picked her up and couldn't feel anything that may have been stuck.
She's just yawning. They do it all the time. We freaked out the first time we saw our little Olympia do it, too. "ACK! She's choking! Call 911!" But of course she's fine.
shes not doing it any more and went back to eating so i gusse she was just yawning. thanks
If she keeps doing it all the time, she may have gape worms. She probably doesn't, but keep an eye on her to see if she continues for the next few days. You can see more about this on my site HERE . Good luck!

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