Garden tractor and coop question.

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    First the garden tractor. Sense I do not want the chickens eating all the veggies I was hoping to make a long rectangular frame out of PVC and cover with fencing. This is to fit between between the rows in the garden. I hope to put 2 chickens in at a time. My hope is that they will get the bugs and weeds but not the plants. I can build 2 or 3 of these to keep it rotating in the gardens thru the week. I know I will need to stake it down but should I cover a small part for shade? This will not be their main yard. Just a little place for a change for them and less weeding for me.

    The other question I have is the fencing we have is already installed. The coop will be built in the middle of their yard. The thing is I cannot bury any fencing. They are in an area that is so rooty that we cannot dig to bury wire. So the way I see it if it is to hard for me to dig with a shovel it will be hard for an animal to dig also. What do you guys think?
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    Quote:Even if they'll only be in there during the day (returned to coop at night), for sure they absolutely need shade. You'll also need to put waterers out there, probably also feeders (there is a limit to how much they will get from foraging in a tractor).

    if it is to hard for me to dig with a shovel it will be hard for an animal to dig also. What do you guys think?

    Nope, sorry. I sure wouldn't count on it. Claws and teeth can do things shovels can't. My suggestion would be to lay a 2+ foot wide apron of 2x4" decent-gauge welded wire mesh on the ground outside the foot of the run fence, attached strongly TO the bottom of the run fence, then cover it with sod, dirt, pavers, rocks, concrete rubble, cobblestones, whatever. That way anything starts to try to dig under the fence will find mesh there on the ground, and give up and go away. (Or go over the fence... remember that raccoons, foxes and many dogs can climb surprisingly well)

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