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    Oct 5, 2008
    does anyone know anything about grape vines? there are 2 rows of very over grown ones i wanna trim them up so they grow well summertime. they are so thick and full of brush its crazy. thank you
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    Feb 26, 2008
    I have a grape vine. I found quite a bit of information at BYC's sister site - The Easy Garden, . There is LOTS of information there.
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    its still early (although they are blooming now) so you MAY be able to move them (depending on where you are located) if you can dig them up fully by the root (if they are as big as you make them sound - be prepared, they are horrendous to dig!). I'd call your local Extension Office and see if you can prune now (again location) given they're just budding but you'll be cutting it very close to the cut off time of pruning/transplanting. If its too late into spring, the dont trim them now or you'll kill them - its best to wait and then trim when they are dormant (winter) - I learned the hard way when I first planted mine [​IMG] - and the deer kept getting them, resulting in die back.

    Good luck!
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  4. Bluemoon420

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    Best time to trim grape vines is early spring. You should still be able to trim them now. If they are very over grown, Cut them all the way back.
    Don't worry, they will come back. You will be able to train them better if you cut them back all the way. I learned this the hard way. [​IMG]

    You may not have many grapes this season, but you will next season. We cut our grapes back every year, all the way down. We have more grapes then we know what to do with [​IMG]


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