Garlic and chickens?


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Feb 1, 2012
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I thought I read that garlic isn't good for chickens, yet I read somewhere else that someone treated a sick hen with garlic (sorry so vague). I love to cook and use garlic powder or fresh garlic to season with all the time. Will small amounts in the leftovers be ok, or should I not offered at all? I've been avoiding, for now. Thanks :)
I've also heard that garlic is good for chickens--I have a friend who make a special recipe for her chickens using garlic.

Now, I was alway afraid the eggs would taste garlicy. If chickens eat onions, they taste a bit oniony, and even if you have the sulfur smell in your well water, the eggs can taste like that. So I've always skipped the garlic for chickens.

I don't think a little garlic in some yummy leftovers would hurt them though., it's just a matter of possible egg flavor if they eat garlic? I guess I got the impression it wasn't good for their health. Well, if that's all, then hot da**, I get to have my cake (garlic and eggs!) and eat it too..won't have to leave out special unflavored portions for them before adding the garlic :) Now salt, OMG, I gotta be so careful with that in their leftovers since I have a heavy hand..not good for me, but I'll need to be extra cautious with them.

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