Gash on beak!?


5 Years
Mar 9, 2015
3 of my 8 week old barred rock chicks have these red cuts on their beaks and I don't know what it's from????
I did have some chicken wire out so they could run around outside of the coop, but they've been out in it for a few days and I just noticed it today

Is there anything I can do for them? They all look like this
Yeah they all look the same, thanks I just wanted to make sure they weren't hurting each other or their coop was unsafe
You should take a look and see what they are trying to get to on the other side of the wire, likely grass, other plants? I had to remove grass weeds next to my run because the hens were trying to get to those thru hardware cloth. Mine didn't have those injuries, but a couple had scrapes on their beaks in the same place as yours from poking them thru the wire.

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