G'Day from Tasmania!


Jun 7, 2020
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Hi there,

We're brand new to the chicken thing.
We started the summer with 9 day old chicks, lost 5 to a predator (long story -- learning curve), leaving 4 surviving POL pullets (2xAustralorp, 2xAracauna), and have added 4 supposedly laying hens (2xISA Brown, 2xBarnvelde).

It's been a steep learning curve, dealing with raising baby chickens, predator proofing, feeders, wwaterers, coop design and construction, and finally laying! Where we are finally at now (2 of our laying hens, none of our hand raised chickens-- yet. They are now 38 weeks old!, but just started winter, so might have to wait till Spring for sufficient daylight).

Next phase is to build a run. We love having them free ranging in the backyard, however, we are also very garden proud and don't enjoy watching our flock devour our plants, especially in the coming Spring when the veggie garden is in full swing!

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