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Aug 27, 2009
A guy I know is selling fertile goose and duck eggs and I was wondering if my EE went broody, if I could let her hatch one of those? I've heard of people trying it before but wasn't sure of the results. I was also wondering if geese and ducks had to have water to swim in. My hen is not broody, this is just a "what if" kinda question. Thanks!
Dunno about the broody hatching issue, but neither ducks nor geese NEED water in which to swim.

But how could you not provide at least a little kiddie pool for them to play in??
Well I was going to have at least a kiddie pool in the summer but in the winter it would freeze up pretty fast then I wouldn't know what to do.
There are plenty of stories of chickens hatching geese, but I have trouble picturing a chicken on one of my goose eggs. They are large and require more moisture.

Geese and ducks do need enough water to be able to immerse their bills up past their nostrils in order to clear them. They also need water to eat. You can look around the duck and goose forums here. There is plenty of info about keeping them.
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Yup--sometimes you can get them to hatch them. They require more time though and at times a hen will give up on the eggs. She really freaks out too when the babies want to go in the water!!! Terri O

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