Geese :many reasons to keep them


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Grazing and weed control in orchards and previously used in cotton fields here in the south as well.

Meat source allowing the owner to know what went into the food they are eating

Show stock for those who enjoy breeding for betterment and show casing those efforts

Breed preservation - this keeps breeds from vanishing from farms across the country and world.

Careful considerations are taken when breeding for showing and breed preservation as careful culling is needed in both cases to maintain breed standards. You have to be willing and able to cull birds that just do not measure up. they may make perfectly fine pets, but pets dont always make perfectly fine breeding stock. If an owner is unable to cull birds properly they should refrain from breeding and remain and pet owner for the betterment of the breed they have.

The same goes for those breeding for meat production, looking for the best feed to meat conversion and final flavor and texture as well.

There is no one right reason to raise geese, or have them, however consideration needs to be given when planning to breed. breeding just any geese together because you have them and can is not a good reason to do so. Just as keeping geese purely for pets and to have the eggs for eating is also OK to do.


A myth about geese:

They will protect a flock of ducks or chickens. Nope they are all bluff and show. pressure them and they will back down 9 out of 10 times. They have no chance against a predator, and NEED to be provided secure housing at night if you are going to keep them. If you can not provide safe and secure housing for at night, you should not own geese (or any poultry/waterfowl) until you can.

Large dog houses inside of chain link kennels with wire roofs are an excellent start for nighttime housing. Secure hardware cloth to the bottom 2-3' of the kennel to prevent reach in predators.

Stalls are a great option if you have one available.

There are also a number of threads here on BYC that show off others goose houses they have built to help give you an idea for what you can build from scratch.


Geese are seasonal layers, and when you should expect eggs depends on where you live. Southern most states will see breeding and laying before their northern friends. Some breeds of geese are known for being good layers (Chinese & Africans), while others lay a very limited number of eggs (Dewlap Toulouse) each spring season.

Geese come in a very wide variety of sizes as well from the small/light weights (shetland) to the large and heavy (African - tall , Dewlap Toulouse & Embden - Heavy) and to the unusual looking like Sebastopols with their long flowing curly feathers.

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