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  1. Addicted2Quack

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    Feb 3, 2009
    I would love to see ideas on goose nesting areas. Anyone want to share pictures or ideas?
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    Mar 28, 2009
    Central NC
    Quote:Let me tell you about goose nesting habits and you can apply it to what you have. Geese like to nest near a water source in order to excape preditors and to allow their goslings easy acess to drinking and swimming water. they usually are not right on the bank of the pond pool or stream but within 10-15 feet of the water surface. They like to have overhead coverage from the weather and so their nests are not visible to birds flying over (crows and gulls like to eat eggs) Where possible they like to have a clear view of the possible approaches to their nests while their nests are not visible for a long distance. the edge of an overgrown area is often selected with the nest just inside the over growth. With their long necks the goose can see out to keep an eye on things or pull the neck back in and freeze to avoid being seen.
    When I free ranged my geese in a area with a stream flowing through it I planted rose bushes in pairs in the 10-15 foot strip along the stream and every nest (chosen by the goose of course) ended up between a pair of those rose bushes!
    When I started having preditor problems and could not afford to properly fence off the stream pasture I built a nesting area around a kiddy pool with feeders located just out of splash range. Shelters (nest areas) were in a outer ring and consisted of straw bales on three sides with a sheet of plywood for a roof. the smaller geese (Chinas, Romans & Pilgrims) quickly settled in but the big Africans did not until I added a second layer of straw bales in the walls to give them more head space. All ended up building their nests in these shelters using loose straw that was provided along with what they managed to pull from the walls. This was what worked for me for a few years.
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    Jun 11, 2010
    My geese are in my yard. I built a shelter out of pallets. With a plywood top It has open stalls. For winter I staple tarp on the inside and add pallet doors.At night I herd them in and open it during the day. I use pine chips and straw to make nesting. Their wading pool is very close, and I am experimenting with plantings. I have made an island area around the pond and shelter. I placed pots of ferns, tall grasses and black-eyed susans to start. Next morning they were all eaten down to the dirt. I am still trying. I discovered they hate my lemon verbena plants. I will probably plant them in pots to add height. I also have 2 roses and a rhodie bush they leave alone. I had some irises in their. They didn't eat them but broke off the leaves to line their nests. I am still experimenting. I'm going to try lavender next.

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