Geese or chickens?


Apr 10, 2018
New York State
I’m wondering which one is easier to care for— geese or chickens? I’ve heard geese can be hard and annoying to care for but they seem to be great lawn mowers, and I know they can be aggressive, but I heard you can tame them. :)
I do have a big spare shed answer plenty of room for a pair of geese.
Which one is better and require less in general?

Iain Utah

10 Years
Dec 17, 2011
I love my chickens, but geese are much easier to own. While geese are louder, and prone to aggression in the spring during laying season, they are more independent and hardy.

Chickens are super messy, and since they like to fly up onto things, their poop gets everywhere. Chickens require regular dusting for mites and to be put up at night, especially in winter where they are more prone to frostbite. Chickens will also attack others with injuries, bully babies, and fight over nests.

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