Geese sex question?


10 Years
Sep 20, 2009
NE Wisconsin
I've had chicken and ducks for years. I see them having sex all the time. I'm new to geese. I have a "mated " pair of african. They are at least 3 years old. I've had them for almost a year. They are never more than 2 feet apart from each other. But I have never seen them "do it". My concern is if her eggs will be fertile. Also how many will she lay before she sets? Thanks.
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Geese, especially the larger breeds breed more readily if they have a pond or body of water that they can enter. I have had geese set on as few as 6 or as many as 15 eggs. It varies with age and breed.
Thanks for your reply. The pond still has a thick layer of ice on it. (NE Wisconsin)The geese are in a pen in the barn to keep them protected from varmets. I guess time will tell if they have mated or not. The gander is very protective of the goose so hopefully that is a sign he's done his job.
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