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    Mar 14, 2007
    I am thinking about getting a pair of geese. I have two dogs who are great with poultry but I have one that is horrible. I have a small pond and stream and 23 acres for them to roam on. The dogs have an underground fence, will the Geese learn their limiits too so they won't wander near the dogs? When the geese are full grown will they be big enough to defend themselves? The dog isn't a hunter or anything but she "played a little to rough with two of my chickens one day and they were killed. I could always build the geese a pasture but I'd like them to free range if it is possible. I have a few other questions too... What type of housing do they need during the cold winter (NY) and what type of feed should be fed during this time? What type of fencing would be needed to keep the geese in?
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    Mar 3, 2009
    Not sure... But maybe a bump'll help
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    A gander will try to defend his mate, but it's not fair to expect them to win against the dog. Your best bet would be to make sure the geese and the dogs do not come in contact. Any dog has the potential to "play too hard" and kill a bird no matter what size it is.

    I have geese and a dog. I make sure they are seperated. The geese have their own pasture and it's fenced off with standard field fencing and welded wire fencing. My gander charges the dog if the dog comes too close to the fence. One time, he was lucky enough to catch the dog's ear through the fence. I've never heard the dog squeal so loud. [​IMG]

    A half acre of good pasture can support 8-10 large geese. So for just a pair, you don't need quite as much. I always err on the side of caution, so seperate my fowl and dog will be.

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