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    I'm thinking about getting a few geese but i have a few questions:
    1.Are they protective?
    2.Do they get along with chickens and dogs?
    3.How can you tell if they are a boy or girl?
    4.Can you create a bond with them like chickens?
    5.Can they fight off some animals?
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    There are lots of posts about this in here. Try using the search feature.

    Quote:Of one another? Yes.
    Of their goslings? Extremely.

    Quote:Geese hate dogs since they are natural predators. My dogs get nipped and know to stay well clear of the geese, especially if they have babies.

    They are generally ambivelant to chickens and do not see them as peers.

    Quote:You only can in sex linked breeds without vent sexing them.

    Quote:Absolutely and far more so than chickens. Geese raised from hatching eggs or gotten as goslings are more like dogs. They follow me around, chatter at me and are by far my favorite animals here on the farm.

    Goslings allowed to be raised under their moms/dads, though, will be wild little buggers and will never be very tame.

    Quote:A flock can make a lot of noise, so you know something's amiss. But, they necessarily will not be able to fend off an aggressive dog or coyote for very long. They obviously do better than chickens would, but I hvae lost geese to coyotes and great horned owls.
  3. Quote:1. Yes they are protective

    2. They can get along with chickens and dogs, if raised with them from a young age. My geese get along fine with my call ducks, chickens, and dogs and cats.

    3. You can tell by their voice, males have a high pitched honk, and females have a low pitched honk.

    4. During the first 36 hours after the goose hatches it imprints on something, and that something will be its mom. I just hatched a goose on May 12th, i just sexed it and its a male, and it is imprinted on me. It follows me around and is very friendly.

    5. I have 2 male geese that I leave out at night and during the day. I havent had a hawk attack any of my chickens, or a raccoon attack anything since I leave those 2 males out.

    A great breed is Toulouse.

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