Gender/Breed suggestions please!


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Mar 25, 2014
Hi all,

Posted pics three weeks ago of our chick - no idea of gender or breed. We had originally thought OEGB but then some people mentioned Cochin possibly from her fluffy feet (pic 3)?

It was too early to tell anything at that point, so here are some more recent photos from today. We are hoping she's a girl so we can keep her but I noticed a small yellow comb developing this morning (see pic 1), she's about 6 weeks old now. We are completely in love with her, she's called Rosa and we had no idea chickens made such great pets!

If anyone has some ideas please let us know! We're first time chicken owners so any advice/opinions much appreciated. We only have the one and I know that's not ideal, I hope she's not too lonely, we have her out cuddling and wandering around every day with us. She's still living inside at the moment, as we're about to go into the Melbourne winter and it seems a bit cold to put her out in the hutch yet. Also she's still just eating Chick Starter pellets, is that the right diet at this age?

Sorry for the million questions, but thanks for all your advice so far.

Edit: sorry all the pics are individually posted, my phone doesn't seem to work with HTML formatting?
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Thanks! I had thought Cochin too just from pictures I've seen. Any thoughts re: boy or girl?

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