Gender Copper black maran chick


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Jun 14, 2020
So does this mean the end? Is it a rooster? I have no Idea but I do know he is starting to grow wattles and that's never a good sign for a 3 week old chick. However then I noticed that one of the chicks we knew for sure to be a pullet is also having rlly small wattles. Does that mean we have 2 roosters or just some early chicks? Because the one we think is a pullet had alrdy a big tail and the most feathers of all. I have absolutly no Idea so im very interested in the opinions of the chicker pro's or Just people who have a guess about the genders😄

We always noticed 'she?' had the biggest comb but because she got her feathers so fast we thought it didn't really matter. This isn't a maran tho this is a vorwerk. I will also post a picture were you can see her feathers.

And then ofc my french CBM baby, can I still hope for a pullet or is the decision made?

Sorry for my finger🤣 please share your guesses😁


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May 11, 2020
My Black Copper Marans are 7 wks old now and from your pic I would say you have a hen. If the comb gets bigger and pinker or if you start seeing the waddles over the next 3 wiks it's a roo but right now looks like a hen. Fingers crossed!

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