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5 Years
May 24, 2014
I'm pretty sure I have 7 hens but about every day I suspect one of them might be a rooster .... mostly, I'm concerned about the silver one, "Nicky". She is bigger and carries herself differently. Longer neck, thicker legs.... but, at about 17 weeks she would already look more like a rooster (?)

Also, I keep looking at "feather patterns", etc. and have done some research but I think I've looked at them all so much it has just gotten more confusing! lol
Yeah, other than the silver one, looks like all hens. I would keep an eye out, it looked like a hen until I saw those two little sickle-like feathers. Easter eggers are usually easy to tell at this age because roosters get patches of brick-red feathers on their shoulders.
Thanks everyone! :) I have three EEs and the other two seem a lot smaller and just carry themselves differently. It would be awesome if all seven are hens :) Hopefully, there will be eggs soon and there will be no more suspicion!
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