Gender in courtinix?

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  1. How do you tell male from female in Courtinix quail?
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    Oct 10, 2012
    It really depends on what type of quail colour you have for easier/harder ways to know.

    If you have a brown or a pharoah, then the best way to tell is by feather sexing. Males would have a bold rusty/orange colour on their chest with no spots, whereas females would have a creamy to white chest with lots/little spots on them.

    If you have ones like an a & m or tuxedo, then you'd either need to vent sex or observe.
    To vent sex, you have to look at the quail's poop deposit area/vent and look;

    A male would have some type of bulb in the vent, or during breeding season, the vent would be swollen and pink. If you squeeze the sides, an icky white foamy substance would be excreted. Whilst a female would just have a flat vent.

    If your quail won't let you do that, you could just observe.
    A male quail would crow, and also most likely mount on females (and probably other males as well), and a female would obviously lay an egg. Sometimes females make a 'coo-ing' sound when a little scared, and males make a 'honking' sound when being threatening (or so that's what seems to be happening when my quail do it. hehe).
  3. Thanks so much! Mine were born on New Years Eve. When will I be able to tell their gender? At what age?
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    Take some pics, they become sexually mature at 4 weeks, (i let em grow a bit more, 6-8 weeks). Also, Pharoah's have mating colours (breeding), the males head becomes dark brown to blackish, and female gets white w/e black spotted feathers.
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    Catawba coturnix. Google it. She has some great pics

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