Gender of 11.5 week old this a Roo...Is he splash?


Jun 25, 2020
Hi all...I was wondering if you could help me determine if Meep is a boy or a girl? I was leaning girl as her poof is similar to all of our girls. However, she has started to show where her wattles are coming in and our other Polish girls are just now developing wattles at almost 30 weeks (though still not laying grr...) This is definitely our friendliest chicken. She loves to sit inside with us...and thinks herself a parakeet loving to jump on our hands and perch on our shoulder. Our cochin girls hate her...and managed to rip a ton of her crest feathers out (hence the blue coat on her head to hide the blood).

I am just wondering if you think she is a she...or a he. I was almost hoping for a rooster as we love the polish chickens so much and would love some pure polish chicks. you think she is splash or just white crested? She was a feed store chick and was almost completely white when we got her.

Thanks for all your help!


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I'm not very familiar with polish, but in most breeds the roos are bright and crowing at 30 weeks. In some breeds hens get larger wattles before they start to lay. The colors will also get brighter.

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