Jun 28, 2017
I'm kinda on the fence with this one. The side shot is fuzzy and I'm not seeing pointy saddle feathers. The comb is there, but not excessively so and I've had a lot of girls who popped their combs early and then they didn't grow anymore. Bantams can be tricky (goodness knows I've got one now I'm flipping back and forth with). I would still wait and see. Even if he turns out to be a boy, some little roos just dont feel the need to cocka doodle do. I've got a serama that when he's out free ranging with his "pack" hardly ever crows and another slo orpington I've only heard crow once in his 15 months if being alive. If hes a respectful little guy, you might be able to keep him.(if it turns out to be a boy) best of luck to you!
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