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Hi everyone!

We have just inherited 13 hens to spice up life here on our farm. The hens have a huge coop and run that came built with the property and we are letting them free range (supervised) a few hours after work before dark. I have done a ton of reading but I still have a few quick questions.

- Deworming. What drugs do I need to use, frequency, and where to buy them.

- I keep reading posts mentioning vitamins and electrolytes for sick or wounded chickens. Is there a certain brand that is better?

- What antibiotics are safe to use on chickens?

Our hens are very healthy and happy for now but I want to be prepared if (when) something goes wrong.

1. the dewormer i use is wazine or piprozine (same drug, different name) and you can deworm as often as is needed, but at least twice a year, spring and fall. dewormer is sold at most feedstores.
2. any brand of vitamins and electrolytes that's made for poultry is absolutly fine, they are all pretty much the same thing.
3. again, antibiotics that are made for chickens are safe for chickens like blukote and vetRX. in addition to these, neosporin and baby asprin work in small amounts. DON'T USE ANY PAIN RELIEVER MEDICATION WITH AN INGREDIENT THAT ENDS IN 'CAINE! it's deadly to chickens. neosporin w/ pain reliever is fine.

most problems can be addressed more directly by posting on the forum the exact nature of the problem. i hope all this helps! also,
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Thanks so much for the info. I've placed an order online for some dewormer and some common rx stuff just to be prepared.

Oh, and thanks for the welcome!
This is an awesome site!

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