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    Jun 18, 2016
    Hey guys! I currently have a large 30x14 aviary with a 9x9 coop area connected to the aviary and thinking about raising pigeons in this aviary. But first, I have a lot of questions... Also, I'm planning on getting a good amount of white homers to use in weddings, but also would like some "fancy" ones just to look at.

    1.) how much does a white homing pigeon cost on average?

    2.) how often do you have to clean the pigeon loft, also how do you do this?

    3.) right now the aviary is very nice, and has landscaping and stuff and a pond, and a bench and I don't want it to be covered in poop and ruined by the pigeons, how many should be my limit so that the place doesn't get trashed by the birds?

    4.) Do pigeons drown? I have had MANY animals drown in that dang koi pond in the aviary and I don't want the pigeons to be another one on that list.

    5.) do pigeons eat snow, just planning ahead, around my place winter temps commonly get below 0 so water freezes VERY quickly and just wondering if anyone has had their pigeons eat snow. Preferably they would always have water, but if it happens to freeze while I'm out or something I want them to have another option.

    6.) is it too late in the year to buy some squabs and then have them breed again this year?

    Thanks for all your help guys!

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