Genesis 1588 Hovabator - quail rails, regular trays, what else?


8 Years
Apr 12, 2011
Portland, OR
I have this incubator and I plan on putting it to use this Spring. A friend of mine with much more land was going to order 50 turkeys from Meyer hatchery and raise them up on his land. I have an old chicken coop and run. Run is about 100 square feet. Our plan was that I would take a tom and maybe 3 or 4 hens and then I would breed them to sustain our turkey population. I have the quail rails and the regular trays for this model and was wondering if there was any addons people have bought or created that could fit turkey or goose eggs. I know I can take the automatic turners out and do it by hand, but it just seems a little more risky since you have to turn them several times every day. I get busy sometimes.
I've hatched Midget White Turkey eggs in my 1588. They worked great in the automatic turner. I don't know which size turkeys you plan to get or how big the eggs are, but I'd expect them to fit in the automatic turner. They are not going to be that much bigger.

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