Genesis 1588: temp and humidity questions

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    So I have 4 thermometers; built in one, 2 digitals, and a basic one. Current temp readings are 98.1 for built in, 97.5 for 1 digital, 100.4 for other digital and 100 for basic. Built in hygrometer reads 37 and digital reads 39. So confused on how my temps are all over the board!
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    That’s not unusual at all and is a good example of why you need to calibrate your instruments before you trust them. Due to manufacturing tolerances some thermometers just don’t read right. They can be consistently high or they can be consistently low.

    There is another issue too, consistency. Some thermometers are designed to be repeatable within one or two degrees. That means in a 100 degree temperature a thermometer might read 99 one time and 101 the next time. Other thermometers are designed to be repeatable within 0.1 degrees. This is the kind you need for an incubator. Once you calibrate one of these you pretty much know what you are dealing with.

    Rebel’s Thermometer Calibration

    Rebel’s Hygrometer Calibration
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    I have 4 Genesis 1588 and just recently I was told that the thermometers and humidity readers can go bonkers ...

    I will be looking over those websites but to tell you the truth... I am intimidated about recalibrating a digital one

    I know a man who put two thermostats in his house.One for the furnace and another for the air conditioner.They never read the same.
    He has a 3rd thermometer that is an expensive one and never supposed to be wrong... he turned it on one day to show me that even the house thermometers could be wrong. :(

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