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Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by tororider, May 12, 2008.

  1. tororider

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    Feb 6, 2008
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    I just set up my new genesis and the temp was reading 98.6-99 degrees. It is in the basement which is a bit under the 68-78 they suggest, probably closer to 65 degrees. I think if I read the instructions correctly if I toggle the 8, 4, 3, 2, 1, to the on position it should raise it a degree. My thermometer is an accurite from Walmart and I had both sensors in the incubator, both reading within .4 degrees of each other. I am going to use the one supposed to be for outdoors in a water wiggler when I can find one. Sorry for the longwindedness, my question is did I read the directions correctly? Is that how I raise it a degree to get me to the 99.6-100 degrees? Thanks
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    The temp comes preset and should be okay already - When I did need to reset mine I went directly to the GQF site and got the directions to change the settings from there. It's not the instructions for the Incubator itself, but the one just for adjusting the temperatures - "1588 Wide Range Adjustment" at the bottom of the Instructions page. Good Luck and Happy Hatching!
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    I wouldn't mess with it...I have an acurite from walmart too and it's reading 98-99 but when I get a more accurate one it reads higher. I don't think the accurate from walmart reads as accurate as the thermostat in your hovabator. I would try a hatch before messing with it.
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    When in doubt about the Genesis 1588 temps. Check the thermometers U are using first, [​IMG] "are they correct"? I have found most aren't correct. We all want the best incubator, which for the money the Genesis is the best. Lets remember that the thermometer is the most important part of that incubator! [​IMG] Yet we will just put an average thermometer inside, yes I have done it . [​IMG] Find U a medical thermometer "mercury type", they are cheap as dirt. Mercury wont hurt a wiggler! Just, yesterday I gave up [​IMG] and ordered a calibrating thermometer ASTM 18° F
    94° to 108° F with 1/10° Divisions from Philadelphia Instrument I talked with the guy for some time on the phone he new what he was talking about. So nothing is going into my 2 Genesis without being checked and calibrated first. Do a google [​IMG] on Medical Thermometer Mercury. U will find they are out there and cheap also correct most of the time.
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    Yup, i agree, most losses are do to inaccurate measuring equipment....seen it many many times....

    However, We bought 2 of the 1588's at the same time when they first came out, Both had the dip switchs set from factory. The one we had to bump up a switch as it ran low on the factory setting, it ran low enough that it would have affected the hatch.

    Yes you must be a stickler with your gauges you use, it makes a big differnce knowing you got things right and for most hatching you know your gonna be able to sleep at night not worring so much about it..

    tem & Hum are the ticket to a good hatch

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    Yes, things like this will worry you. Thats the simple reason I ordered me a calibrating thermometer.
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    I did 2 hatches in my hova 1588 and both times the chicks hatched out on days 22 & 23. So mine was running low so I toggled it up 1 and now they hatch on days 20 & 21. So just keep track of your hatching days and you will be able to tell if it's running at a lower temp.

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