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Mar 24, 2009
Okay - we've hatched plenty with our Genesis bators but my turner motor gave up and we've put eggs on the wire to turn by hand. Then we realized, "hey, we can fit LOTS of eggs in there without the turner" and we put lots of eggs in there! I've ordered a motor for the turner, but I'm thinking of just incubating without it. We're here enough to do the hand-turning.
So, I'm wondering , when we candle and remove no-goers, if our eggs will fit in the turner (after it's fixed) is it okay to go ahead and put them in there or since they've been laying on their side, should we leave them that way.... AND... we usually hatch in cartons, so if we leave them to incubate on their sides, should we hatch them there as well? I don't want to disorient them by putting them upright all of the sudden.
These are mostly shipped eggs and some are silkies that I bought my dd 14 for her birthday, so we want them to do well

Thanks for any advice!
It shouldn't be a problem for them to be upright after being on their sides. If the motor doesn't come in on time or you have too many eggs for the turner I would continue hand turning and just let them be at day 18. Even if they have been on their sides and you want to hatch them in the cartons I don't see how it would affect them. The chick is going to orient itself towards the aircell and pip out that side anyways.
O.k. - I think I will follow this plan - if there are too many eggs for the turner at candling, I'll do as you suggested and hand-turn all the way through till lockdown then just leave them on their sides. If they fit in the turner at lockdown, then they'll finish that way then hatch in cartons.
Thanks, I appreciate your help!

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