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May 30, 2010
I have a shot at getting two free Golden Laced Wyandott Roos. I was intending to get some GOLD roos to cross with a few of my SILVER hens to get some color sexable offspring... I had a few questions....

First off, will a GLW rooster work at all?
Second, is it better to use a RIR rooster? I have heard they are nasty as adults?
Third, If I use the GLW Roosters and cross to SLW hens, does that make them sexable?

Any answers or encouragement in a different direction appreciated.... These roosters are just free and sweet as can be so I don't want to pass them up if I can use their services!
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I believe you need a silver rooster and a gold hen to get sex link with those, hens will be silver and roos will be yellow/gold....don't think it will work the other way around

eta- the genetic calculator says..... gold laced roo x silver laced hens = gold laced hens and yellow/gold I don't know how different they would look at hatch but I don't think it would be enough IMO
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yeah, I saw that but with them being similar in color how different would chick down be? If you want something that is absolute at hatch I personally wouldn't choose that combination, JMO

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