6 Years
Apr 18, 2014
In the woods of Ga
Does anyone have any recommendations for breeders and hatcheries in Georgia? Thanks for the advise
Where are you in Georgia and what do you seek?

If you simply want laying hens hit up Tractor Supply or other local stores that sell hatchery pullets.
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Hello, was really looking for some pea foul,or guineas as we already have beautiful girls. We live in the north eastern part of the state in Carnesville. Thanks for any ideas. Cat
Also looking for laying hens (chicks) I really don't want to go to tractor supply for my chicks. Anyone know of any other place to buy a variety of chicks in Ga?
I've been trying to reach someone at glass pond farm for the days, no luck. They are in Cleveland, ga. And have all the hens I want :/

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