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The BYC group photo at GorgiaLina Chickenstock will be at 11 in the parkinglot.

All right, the date and place is set for the "GeorgiaLina ChickenStock 2011", November 5 at Tractor Supply on Bobby Jones Expressway in Augusta, Ga. Anyone that would like to help organize let me know. This is my first time planning one. I want to make it a fun family affair with games, activities, hayrides, judging... I am open to suggestions and helpers.

I am looking for a horse/pony carrousel for the ChickenStock Augusta. We have a trailer for hay rides and all the hay we want (supplied by Tractor Supply). I want the rides and activities to be free. Donations will be accepted and given to "Greystone Ranch Animal Rescue". I also want a small pig for a "catch the pig" game. Catch the rooster is good, also.

*** Just a reminder -to sell eggs off your property in Ga, you must have your candeling license. ***

The following members are bringing/wanting:

Farmer John - 20-25 chicks for sell. 2 Dels, 2 BO, 1-2 BLRW, and several BR & EE!! I will also have about 10 coturnix quail available! I will have hatching eggs from all my breeds except maybe the Leghorns.

SubUFarmer - I may also have some young BR 1 Production Red and 1 GC both 24 weeks old and about to start laying; 2 GCs been laying for 2 months and possibly a Americauna mix near point of lay.

Chikcen Pox - bantams: D'Uccles, Cochins, and many Silkies, INCLUDING PAINTS!!!!!

GeorgiaGail - mille fleur cochin bantam cockrells, silver sebright chicks and a Buff Orpington that just this week announced he's a rooster.

JustPeachy - my entire OEGB flock, I have blacks, whites, creles and barred. only about 8-10 chickens though.

Other non BYCers - RIR's, Cochins, misc. birds

>TRUE Ameraucana rooster (old enough to be mating)
>Bobwhite Quail (eggs or birds)
>Prebuilt pen/coop
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COUNT ME IN! I'll help and do whatever you need me to.
What all did TSC say about having it there? In the parking lot or in the back outdoor section where they do the pet adoptions?
PM or email me if there is something in particular that you have to sell/trade or that you want to have at the ChickenStock Augusta 2011. I will post it on this thread. I like the organization of the Carolina ChickenStock Thread.
We just went to the North Carolina Chickenstock, we kind of felt like an odd duck since we felt like I knew many people and yet knew no one there.

I propose name tags with screen names on them so when we meet we know who everyone is. At least for us newbies it would be nice to put names with faces. You would not have to wear one if you did notwant to.

Just a suggestion

This is a great idea. I wanted to do this for our swap in Irmo, but it wasn't as big a crowd as the Carolina one so i decided against it. What does everyone else think?

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