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Sep 2, 2015
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My Coop
I have a golden sexlink that has started giving my two year old to much notice. At first my two year old kicked said hen or pretend to i dont know if she made contact but said hen pretended to kick her back and now she follows lucy (my daughter) around the yard and seems to have an aggressive expression on her face. She hasnt since attacked her but today i really noticed it that if lucy walk in the direction of said hen said he charges her and also when lucy not look said hen aproaches her from the back and has this look of intent. My daughter is never unsupervised out there nor do i tolerate her hurting the hens and i wont do the same if said hen hurts her. I am going to keep watching but what do yall think. Oh and the rhode island reds have taken to attacking my husband not me or lucy and the bar rocks are bullies to the other hens so those seven might have to go as well.
Birds are perceiving a threat in human behavior and are in defense mode.
I would keep chickens and tiny child(ren) separated,
until child(ren) can receive and implement instruction on behaviors around birds.
Maybe putting additional time into socialising your flock with you and your family? Its a little strange that HENs would be having a crack at a person - thats usually in the realm of roos.

Hanging out with the flock, hand feeding treats etc might work - or maybe they are just nut cases

My flock come running to me every time they see me - I'm their sole source of food provision, so they (think) its good to get first in line in case i have anything interesting to give them. Some are rather aloof, but others love to be petted but as none of them see me as a threat, all is well.

Good luck

CT she always gives them treats and she helps feed them and its really just that one hen that either aggressive towards her or just likes being near her i cant tell well with birds. When we went out later the chicken wouldnt leave her side and kept teying to get her fingers. So i dont know what to think i give her a week or two i have a friend who chicken poor right now they lost most of a flock to their neighbors dog so they need some.
Arrt that happened maybe a month or two ago and said child has learn her lessionthat she doe not harm any animal. However that hen (it could be a different on honestly the goldens all look pretty much alike expect for one thats the color of that hen) this one i have to be close to know its her her neck feathers got messed up from an injury. All the other hens will come when called and will take food from lucy hand and have no problem. So i think i just keep an eye on her. And if she attacks lucy then she going to go to my friends house. We have 21 hens so i went alittle over board when getting chickens. We really dont need that many so yeah.
Ah, i understand. Maybe that particular hen is a bit of a nut case then? I have one hen (i can call her that today, as she laid her first egg) that pecks me for attention - do you think that could be it?


PS - i have 4 new hens that all look the same so I'm going to invest in some coloured leg bands so i know which is which.
Lol i keep thinking of leg bands between the goldens, rhode island reds, barred rocks, buffs, ee, and slw i cant tell which is which from the smae breeds they are mostly twins the leghorns and delewares i know who is who but not the others. And its possible thats why i am going to wait alittle while and see. She might get longs little miss lucy has a cold so no outside for her. Its cold out there right now so she needs to stay warm.

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