Getting a hen out've broody behavior?

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Sep 18, 2014
Whenever I forget to collect the eggs for two or three and they accumulate, one of my hens almost always goes broody. Last time we didn't really know what to do so we waited it out, it lasted for about 2 weeks. She just recently got broody and I moved her to a completely different coop. No more broody behavior, but still not laying. Any advice/tips?
HERE is an article on the usual methods used to break a broody. Honestly, the simplest one is to let them hatch chicks. Some hens are much harder to break than others. If she stopped the broody behavior just from being moved, I believe I'd either leave her there a few days to see if she lays, or just put her back in the flock and see how it goes. Remember it takes several days from when the egg begins to form til it is laid; she may have already "started to lay" in that sense, if she just gave up on the broodiness.
Thanks! Good point, She's actually going to be used to hatch chicks, that's why she was moved haha, only thing is, she needs to be laying! This is her first time in contact with a rooster, as her coop is only her and her 2 sisters. I'm must afraid if she'd be a good mother or not, in her new coop there's a 3 month old pullet that she keeps terrorizing, I'm afraid that she might not be letting her eat :(

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