Getting a rooster.

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6 Years
Apr 28, 2013
Hey everyone. I'm getting a rooster tonight. It's a brahma rooster and I have 2 brahma hens. I have a friend with a deal that we will breed them and we will split the money. But will the rooster hurt me hens? Could it kill my other hens which is a Sussex Easter egged and a silkie? I'm worried Ethan he will hurt them. Do I need to do anything for him when he comes?
I do not think that he will kill them, but it depends on the rooster. If a rooster has never seen (or rarely seen) other hens, or has not been able to be with hens before, he may be vicious. Some roosters are gentle all the time, while others can be quite mean to hens. Brahma roosters are pretty large, so it could harm your Silkie, but I wouldn't worry too much about the other hens. Keep a close eye on all of them, though, as a rooster is sometimes unpredictable, or could accidentally hurt a hen.

Are you going to put the rooster right in with the hens? He could be carrying disease, and you would not want your flock to be infected. It is always a good idea to quarantine new birds for at least two weeks before introducing them into a flock.

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