Getting Along - Varitey of Breeds and Ages

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11 Years
Mar 11, 2008
Edgerton, Ohio
Currently, I have a group of hens (3 Easter Eggers, 4 Australorps, and 3 Black Sex Links) in with one Easter Egger Rooster. Last week I purchase some chicks (4 straight run Easter Eggers, 4 straight run Rhode Island Reds, 4 Barred Rock Pullets, and 4 ISA Pullets). My question is when the pullet chicks grow will it be possible to put them in with my existing hens?
I'm on my fourth batch of chicks and I keep putting them with the older ones at about 4 weeks old. I keep them separated, in the same area as the others for about a week or two so the big girls can check out the new babies. Then allow mixing under my supervision, like during feeding time - I throw the food all over the ground and everyone eats. The little ones are really fast and know when to scoot if a big one gives them "the eye".

Best was the last batch of babies when Ruth, my bottom of the pecking order, small under-developed chicken adopted the babies. She stayed in their run with them and taught them just like a mama would. After a week she had them in big coop with the rest and they started free ranging with her every day. So you might try putting your smallest, lowest pecking order hen in with the babies and watch closely to see what happens but she might just fit right in. She gets to be top mama and the babies get a mama.

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